Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Warm Winter in Taipei

Happy belated new years! This is a long overdue post. 2015 went by so fast, I really don't remember what I did, but I guess that's what happens when you're busy and time just slips by. Most importantly, it was another year filled with lots of happiness, unforgettable moments, and loved ones being healthy. I spent the holidays traveling to Taiwan and Japan. I rung in the new years at Tokyo Tower, expecting for at least a countdown, but I'll leave that story for another post!

We first headed off to Taipei where we stayed for 4 days. On our first day there we ate 4 meals before noon! I haven't eaten so much in a long time that my stomach was getting a bit aggravated. Nonetheless just thinking about the delicious food we ate, I regret nothing and would do it again in a heartbeat.

The weather was unexpectedly hot and I didn't bring enough summer clothes. There were days that rained which got humid and then one day the weather got to 80 degrees, with the sun on full blast, it definitely wasn't winter.
Outfit: Ann Taylor sweater, H&M jacket (similar here), HUE leggings and Corso Como OTK boots (here)

Packing for Taiwan and Japan was challenging. I wanted to pack light, but I knew it would be cold in Japan so I had to bring a couple of warm jackets that could get bulky. It was frustrating standing in front of my closet going back and forth a million times on what jackets to bring.

I did some last minute shopping couple days before my trip, and snagged two jackets at H&M for only $20 each! The one pictured above was one of them and even though it was light, it was surprisingly warm with ample room for layering. I was roasting in it during Taipei's warm weather (silly I wore a jacket in the first place) but it kept me so warm in Japan! Although the material is a bit rough and the color a bit dull, it's versatile in matching with many colors.
One of my favorite pics with friends photobombing in the back :)
Found this cool little bamboo grove at a nearby park
Started off the first day of our food adventure with a Taiwanese breakfast. Delicious soybean.
This is the first breakfast stop. For those who can't read Chinese, direct translation means "Four Seas Soybean King".
We had our second breakfast at a famous Taiwanese breakfast place called 阜杭豆漿, "Fu Hang" Soybean. Their famous bread, almost like a pita bread but a bit softer. It comes with egg and fried Chinese doughnut crisps, I wish it had meat in it but other than that it was delicious!
Taipei 101 in the distance

On our second day in Taipei, it got surprisingly sunny and I went with my Banana Republic skirt, paired with my favorite Edelman booties (here). The Uniqlo long sleeve shirt has been my go to for many years. 
We headed to Yong Kang Beef Noodle Restaurant, the line wasn't too long and service was fast.
We got half tendon and half braised beef. It was the best beef noodle soup I've ever had!
We hung out at a nice park and found this really artsy bench
Love this backdrop!
Near Taipei downtown at the Mitsukoshi Plaza
Mandatory stop at Din Tai Fung. I love these xiao long bao, they're so juicy and taste a lot better than the ones in Los Angeles. 
We stopped by for some delicious street food. This is sort of like a fried scallion pancake except they fluff it up with tongs. They sort of look like a fluffy Roti Pratta from a distance.
We got this stinky tofu at 饒河 (Rao He) night market, it was so good! I must say it doesn't compare to anything I've had in Cali. 
Semi-traditional Taiwanese dishes. It was so good we had to come here twice. The place is called 度小月(Du Xiao Yue). They are known for their 担仔麵 (Dan Zai Mian), which they slowly braise a giant marinated chunk of pork belly (you can see the magic happening at the entrance of the restaurant). The natural juices and fat creates a saucy soup that is super rich and hearty when combined with the noodles or rice. 
We stopped by Google office at Taipei 101 and caught a glimpse of Taipei from the 70th floor. So beautiful and the weather was perfect!
Taipei 101
Stumbled upon a Rilakkuma food truck serving street food snacks, very adorable. 
When in Taipei, you have to get some pineapple cakes! According to our friend's brother, this is the best pineapple cake shop in Taipei right now. Despite the other brands I've tried, I really do think this is the best. The exterior crust is harder than the others, but it magically melts in your melt and tastes very buttery. The pineapple tastes natural with no added sugar, it's also very fresh. The tea has a bold flavor that complements it very well, bringing out the flavor of the pineapple cake. 

I was super happy (and full) after my trip to Taipei! Can't wait to come back soon, but the next stop for us is Japan!


  1. I miss the food and the people in Taiwan!!!!
    I'm waiting for your next post about Japan lol

  2. Taiwan looks so fun, and all of the food looks so delicious! :) Hope you had a wonderful trip!

    XO, Elizabeth