Thursday, June 12, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

Happy first day of FIFA World Cup 2014! I've always felt soccer was a bit slow for me but world cup is only once every 4 years, I'm not so much for the sport but celebrating global unity that plays a major part in history. Also the energy and pride that people display just makes me so excited and festive. Since i've been slaving away at work, what better way to join in the fun by streaming and working

Productivity level has gone to zero

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Today's society in a nutshell?..

I came across this video, which is trending right now on youtube about the lamenting cell phone culture. Pretty funny and can totally see myself fall prey to it. But I often do see myself as that girl in the group where I'm just trying to live in the moment and not have to stare at a bright little screen all the time. Maybe twice a day for a good 10 minutes is enough for me. Or maybe I don't have an amazing exciting social life to entertain or catch up on. I can relate to the scene where the girl is lying in bed with her bf and he just stares at his cell phone...DRIVES. ME. NUTS. And when he just zoned you out and get a response 30 seconds later.

So that means...

I just need to get a battery extension for my phone so I can be connected ALL.THE.TIME...;)