Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thanksgiving in Toronto

Happy Thursday! Christmas is just couple days away! Hope everyone's getting cozy at home.

This is a recap of our recent trip to Toronto during Thansksgiving. We were prepared for the Canadian cold! For those that didn't read my post on my Korea trip, we were mentally and physically not prepared for the freezing weather there and learned the hard way. We knew it could get pretty cold in Canada so I packed a petite friendly hooded down puffer coat from London Fog (it's 40% off right now! Only a few petite sizes left! Link below) and plenty of thick cozy sweaters.

 In Toronto, their Thanksgiving is in October, however the mall was packed when I went during Thanksgiving with many stores having Black Friday deals!

Also, there will be some drool worthy pics of some amazing eats we encountered during our stay, a must try for those foodies visiting Toronto.
Outfit Details:

My favorite all time Canadian brand, Aritzia had a Black Friday sale. With the Canadian dollar conversion rate in favor of the American dollar, I got this grey cashmere wool blend coat (here, it's still on sale right now) at almost 30% off! I wear it almost everyday now. I think it's so important to invest in quality stylish coats that you will wear time and time again.

I want to mention that PAIGE Verdugo ankle skinny jeans were quite long on me. They fit as regular length jeans, but not long enough for it to get hemmed, so it worked out fine. As it has some stretch to it, I'd recommend going a size down. I realized my regular size was too loose and stretchy and exchanged it for a size down and it's much more slim fitting.
Visited the Royal Ontario Museum and found some beautiful (but fake) foliage! They look so realistic.
Visited the Toronto Christmas Market. It was packed! This was my first time going to a holiday market, it truly brought out the festive spirit in me.
Tsujiri, A must for matcha enthusiasts (like myself)! This is the same famous green tea confectionery in Kyoto. I was so thrilled they expanded to Toronto! I felt I was back in Kyoto again, here's the post to reminisce. The texture and flavor is as rich and smooth as I remember it back in Kyoto. Definitely a must try for those who have never had it.

From a recommendation, we ventured to the Kensington district for Dirty Bird. They're known for their chicken and waffles. To my surprise, the chicken was moist yet crunchy and the waffle was crispy and buttery! I'd say this is one of the best I've had.
Another must try when in Toronto - Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake! There was a line when we got there but service was pretty quick. When entering into the bakery, it was filled with the wonderful smell of eggs and butter, being wisked into perfect fluff! For those who have tried Zanzi's cheesecake in San Francisco, Uncle Tetsu has more of a light, sort of like spongecake, melt in your mouth texture. Zanzi's is more rich in cream and cheese flavor. All in all, both are the exceptionally the best cheesecakes ever!
There's a big sushi scene in Toronto. We went to Yasu, upon recommendation and we felt it was better than Ja Bistro, another highly regarded sushi establishment. Ja Bistro definitely had the fancy flair with the patrons bringing a hip vibe. Yasu was more simple and traditional, they also source some of their fish from Tsukiji Market.
Ending this post with an amazing night view of Toronto! Hope everyone has a festive Christmas with lots of love and yummy food!

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