Thursday, October 08, 2015

Nepal - A Trip to Buddha's Homeland

After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April, I was saddened to see the historic monuments and temples being shattered, some even entirely gone. Not to mention the countless people that died and those who are struggling to rebuild their homes and communities. I really wanted to go back to lend a helping hand. I've grown a soft spot for this country I call the "land of peace" that calmed my soul during my visit in February. I truly feel bittersweet that I was able to admire the historic landmarks before the earthquake but disheartened by the disaster that struck them. Hang in there, keep on fighting Nepal!
Our hike on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Hmm where shall we go next?

The steep steps leading to Swayambhunath
Swayambhunath. There were a lot of monkeys here (aka Monkey Temple)
Why hello there! Too bad I don't have any food for you :)
I can balance a monkey on my fingertip! 
 Ancient city of Bhaktapur
 Dream come true - a bowl of Waiwai with a breathtaking view  
 Up in the mountains of Nagarkot. Woke up early to witness the beautiful sunrise
 The Boudhanath Stupa
On our way to Nagarkot
 A Rhododendron, national flower of Nepal
I had an emotional breakdown at the tower behind me. Climbing up was easy because it didn't look that high, but coming down turned into a dramatic scene of me crying and being the laughing stock for the locals. How funny this little Asian girl can't come down from a little tower. I'm glad they got a good laugh at it.
 The best Kathi roll I've ever had!
 Buff Momo - they sure were buff and delicious

I left a piece of me in Nepal and I won't feel complete unless I go back. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. My prayers and thoughts are with Nepal in the road to recovery. I shall be back to visit!

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