Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Top 10 most recent memorable deliciousness

These past two years I have eaten many, in my opinion, amazingly delicious dishes that I would never thought to experience. Thanks to the bf, I am slowly on my way to becoming a pro food critic. Just kidding! But my palate has definitely become more sophisticated. I'm revisiting my top 10 most recent memorable dishes and some that I stumbled upon that's worth mentioning.

Alexander's Steakhouse, San Francisco

This is the best little piece of heaven ever! It has all my favorite ingredients in one bite. Uni, bone marrow on a toasted buttery brioche. It really does melt in your mouth! I wish this was bigger and that I can order this for take-out.
Girl & the Goat, Chicago

This picture doesn't do it justice. Under the sunny side egg is a super amazing wood oven roasted pig face, super tender with all the fat mixed with tamarind and red wine maple sauce. Definitely worth the trip back to Chi-town for this!
Shake Shack, Chicago
If I wasn't full at the time I'd eat as many Shake Stacks I can. I love shrooms especially fried ones, this is my burger soulmate :)

Jang Soo BBQ, San Francisco

Did they put alcohol in this? Because I seriously felt a bit tipsy when eating this. It was a good feeling tipsy, the first bite was like POW! It was so good we had to resist finishing it so we could savor the leftovers the next day.

The Duck Inn, Chicago

Best duck I've ever had in my life! I've always had Beijing style duck so this was a really unique experience. It was very well cooked, moist and the skin was slightly crispy. Combined with the spinach, strawberries and special sauce, it's divine!

Bico, Mexico City
I just remember the cauliflower puree being the best ever, combined with I think that's an egg..just so creamy and yummy. And plus we got free dessert because our waiter thought it was our anniversary even though we told him it wasn't!

Good Luck Dim Sum, San Francisco

Surprisingly one of the best Ha Gow in the bay area. Not super cheap as it's $8 for a dozen but it's worth it! And the lines are usually long so it's good idea to stock up.

An The Go Food Truck

Drenched with garlic oil and the noodles are buttery and moist, not dry like a lot of garlic noodles out there. Combo comes with a juicy chicken thigh skewer grilled to perfection. 

Hello Kitty Cookies from Japan

Co-worker brought these in from Japan. At first I didn't think much of these cookies, but it actually tastes buttery and not too sweet. And plus this tin hello kitty cookie can can't be found anywhere else!

Hongry Kong Food Truck

Genius idea to start a HK food truck. I think this is the only one. Dreamy creamy chicken cutlet baked in cheese with noodles and fried egg. I would eat this everyday!

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