Saturday, August 30, 2014

Land of IKEA and Big Ben

My wanderlust continues as I venture to Stockholm for a week and a day in London. Stockholm was definitely the Venice of northern Europe. The many islands form an archipelago which me and Dave passed through on a cruise to Vaxholm. Although not history abundant compared to Italy due to the short history span of Sweden, it was just the right amount of history and modern culture. Stockholm was such an international hub that I felt I was in San Francisco minus the authentic chinese food. I was just in time for Stockholm culture week to experience the theme of Barcelona, their sister city. I witnessed a human tower! Tons of kid activities (Sweden is very family oriented), street dancing competitions, numerous booths showcasing local businesses and just a bunch of teeny boppers enjoying their summer. With over 11hrs of sunlight during the summer, Stockholm was full of activities. Swedish people are polite, very cultured and smart! I didn't feel I was a minority and I fit in just fine.

A one day trip to London was definitely not enough. I got drenched in the pouring rain! I waited for it to calm down inside a business building with 5 other people. After about half an hour, I dashed to the nearest mall to buy an umbrella which sadly costed me 16lbs to only break 2 weeks later :( what a rip off. I can definitely see myself living in London. Although the water was dirty, very crowded. It had everything I wanted. City life, efficiency, rich in history and diversity. It's also a huge hub for the financial industry so it's a bustling economy with many major companies located there. It would be an ideal place to make a decent living. 

I'm Europed out this year! Next stop...Japan! *hopefully*...

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