Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whoa..I'm in Europe?! Layover in Copenhagen

I never thought i'd be going to Italy so soon and with friends! Ideally I wanted to go with the boyfriend being that I always imagined it being romantic..but here I am and I couldn't be happier :) While my friends were in Moscow for their layover, I was in Copenhagen. Here's a recap..

It was quite cold and windy when I landed and despite my lack of sleep, I had lots of energy. Maybe I was overly excited :D After dropping my luggage off I went exploring the city right away (by myself on foot with just a map, I felt so brave haha). Thankfully everyone knew english and because the city wasn't too big, it wasn't hard getting to places. What I've noticed is there aren't many public trash cans and they're really small. I've heard Americans are wasteful, maybe thats why we have big trash cans and they're everywhere? At least in San Francisco, for the most part. I also noticed theres quite a lot of sushi restaurants, kebabs and Indian food. Copenhagen is an urban city immersed with great history and culture as most European cities are nowadays. 

I just arrived in Venice Italy but the hotel is in the outskirts of Venice in a rural area called Quarto D'Altino and with some renewed energy I went outside to explore the town like a local haha! I had my first meal of seafood spaghetti, fries, gelato and the best pizza I've ever had! Soft doughy but crunchy crust, wurstel, spicy salami, olives, mushrooms and bacon!! Heaven!
Rest of Italy yet to come! Rimanere Sintonizatti~!

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