Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Favorite Long Jacket

Okaay I know it's been a very long time since I posted! Let's get back into the swing by kickstarting with my favorite long jacket of all time. I've actually wore this towards the end of winter and well through spring because everyone knows that San Francisco can get chilly at night and even during the day with the wind (layers, layers!). I wore it to my trip to North Carolina during spring and it was thin enough that I didn't feel stuffy yet warm enough to withstand the drop in degrees at night.

Worth noting that after more than 6 months still being new in box, I finally unleashed my Givenchy mini Antigonia in pearl grey! I will post more details about it so stay tuned for a post about my luxury handbags haul in Paris. I know it's been long overdue!

The Wilfred Neelam jacket was purchased from Aritzia (here) when it was on sale! Unfortunately, it's not on sale anymore (they have a massive sale on other items right now) and despite that it was still pricey during the sale, I feel it's so important to just spend a bit more on outerwear because it will last you a long time withstanding through mother nature and everyday life!

Visiting Duke University around Spring was such a beautiful experience. The campus was so picturesque and it felt like I was in Europe.

Highly recommend visiting Duke campus if anyone ever stops by Durham, North Carolina. You definitely get a slice of European regal feel.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about my trip to Bermuda (I found some great Target finds!).

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